How to add cryptocurrency data to amibroker?


How to add cryptocurrency data to amibroker?
Very simple, today I will guide you to do this.
Anyone can do it, because it is easy.
You can see the video that I directed or performed The steps are as follows:
First you visit the website to download free software
including Amibroker versions 32 and 64, and datacoin under the link below.
1 installed Amibroker (simple I do not need directions)
2. Install datacoin simply choose install.
Finish installation,
start Amibroker software and create database.
In the Datasource section, select the CryptoCurrencies Data Plugin.
You can select 1 minute, to see continuous real time data.
Glad that I helped you install successfully. If you find it useful, please connect with me and share this information with everyone.
Download here:
And watch the video here: