1.0 01 RSI Divergence draws the RSI indicator line in a separate window and displays found divergences in the indicator window and on the price chart. It has six input parameters: Period – calculation period Applied price Overbought – overbought level Oversold – oversold level Bullish color – color of bullish signal arrows andRead More →

0.0 00 The MQL5 Wizard allows creating ready-made Expert Advisors based on the Standard library classes delivered together with the client terminal (see Creating Ready-Made Expert Advisors in MQL5 Wizard for the details). It allows to check your trade ideas quickly, all you need is to create your own trading signals class. The structure of thisRead More →

5.0 01 Oscillating indicator Multi timeframes Stochastic RSI is the multi-timeframe Stochastic RSI. The indicator displays the data of three indicators Stochastic RSI from different timeframes on the current chart. It has ten input parameters: Stochastic %K period – stochastic %K line calculation period Stochastic %D period – stochastic %D line calculation period Stochastic slowing –Read More →