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Khởi nghiệp từ forex của Jayden Smith là cuốn ebook dành cho các bạn muốn tham gia thị trường tài chính, ebook chia sẻ các cách lựa chọn tín hiệu tốt, tín hiệu mạo hiểm và các lỗi thường gặp trong giao dịch tài chính. Nội dung sẽ được dịchRead More →

Since 1996, Bloomberg Press has published books for financial professionalson investing, economics, and policy affecting investors. Titles are writtenby leading practitioners and authorities, and have been translated intomore than 20 languages.The Bloomberg Financial Series provides both core reference knowledgeand actionable information for financial professionals. The books arewritten by experts familiarRead More →

Nothing presented constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell anysecurity. While the methods described are believed to be effective inthe long run, no guarantee of efficacy is being made. Trading involvesrisk. I will in no way be responsible for any decisions or trades made as adirect or indirect result of thisRead More →

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Point & Figure Chart is a chart used for Following Price Trends and to make decisions According to long term trends. Point & Figure Charts differs from traditional Stock Trading charts Example Candlestick chart as Point & Figure Chart doesn’t consider time in Analyzing Trends. Point & Figure Chart Patterns were invented in the late 19th century & have worked since then. PointRead More →

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Description Also known as a P&F Chart.   This chart is used to display the relationship between supply and demand of a particular asset through a series of columns made up of X’s and O’s. Point & Figure Charts are time-independent and focus primarily on an asset’s filtered price actions. PointRead More →

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Using Point & Figure Charts Point and figure (p&f) charts provide a simple, yet disciplined method of identifying current or emerging trends in stock prices. This brief guide aims to familiarise the investor with the basic concepts behind p&f charts and highlights some of the benefits from using them inRead More →

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Point and Figure Patterns Overview Point and Figure charting differs from other charting techniques by the fact that it only requires price for analysis, not time. It is also plotted differently by using columns and rows using price movement only. Point and Figure was developed towards the end of theRead More →

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Point and Figure Up-Trend An upward Point and Figure spike, where a rally exceeds the previous column of Xs by at least 10 boxes. This is a signal to take profits: spikes can reverse sharply and there is nothing worse than seeing those hard-earned profits disappear before your eyes. OccasionallyRead More →

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Retracements (or corrections), during a Point and Figure trend, tell us about the strength of the trend. There are three main categories in an up-trend, while the converse applies to a down-trend. Short Retracement If the retracement is short and reverses above the previous high, this signals both an absenceRead More →

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Point and Figure Up-Trend In a Point and Figure up-trend, if price falls below the previous low by only a small margin (normally only one box) and then promptly reverses upwards, buy on recovery above the previous low. A possible weakness of Point and Figure charts: you will not seeRead More →

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One of the most reliable chart patterns. Bull traps occur when an upward breakout retreats back below a resistance level. Resistance is normally associated with two/more equal highs or an earlier major high. Bull traps should be traded in a down-trend. They may also signal reversal after an extended up-trend.Read More →