5.0 02 Find and signal divergence. To color histogram Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qzcxtx5ftaadzcg/MACD_Color_Histogram_indicator_for_MetaTrader_4.mq4/file Or code Mql4 here //+——————————————————————+//|                                       MACD Colored Histogram.mq4 |//|                        Copyright 2018, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|                                             https://www.mql5.com |//+——————————————————————+#property copyright “Copyright 2018, MetaQuotes Software Corp.”#property link      “https://www.mql5.com”#property version   “1.00”#property strict #property  indicator_separate_window#property  indicator_buffers 4#property  indicator_color1   Lime#property  indicator_color2   Red#property  indicator_color3   SlateGray#property  indicator_color4   Magenta #property indicator_width1 2#property indicator_width2 2#property indicator_width3 2#property indicator_width4 1 #property indicator_level1  0#property indicator_levelcolor Silver extern int fast_ema_period=12;extern int slow_ema_period=26;extern int signal_period=9; double UpBuffer[];double DownBuffer[];double ZeroBuffer[];double SigMABuffer[];//+——————————————————————+//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |//+——————————————————————+int OnInit()  {//— indicator buffers mapping   Read More →

5.0 01 //=============//#property copyright “Copyright 2019, Nikolaos Pantzos”#property link      “https://www.mql5.com/en/users/pannik”#property version   “1.0”#property strict//=============//#property indicator_separate_window#property indicator_buffers 2#property indicator_color1 clrDodgerBlue#property indicator_color2 clrRed//=============//extern int FastPeriod=12;extern int SlowPeriod=26;extern int SignalPeriod=9;extern ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE AppliedPrice=PRICE_CLOSE;extern int BarsForAveragePrice=140;extern double PercentageLevelUp=25;extern double PercentageLevelDn=25;//===============//double UpBuffer[];double DnBuffer[];//==============//int OnInit(void)  {//——————————————————————————–   string iName=”iMACD_Histo(“+IntegerToString(FastPeriod)+”,”+IntegerToString(SlowPeriod)+”,”+IntegerToString(SignalPeriod)+”)”;//——————————————————————————–   IndicatorShortName(iName);   IndicatorDigits((int)MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_DIGITS));//——————————————————————————–   SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_HISTOGRAM,STYLE_SOLID,3);   SetIndexStyle(1,DRAW_HISTOGRAM,STYLE_SOLID,3);   SetIndexBuffer(0,UpBuffer);   SetIndexBuffer(1,DnBuffer);//——————————————————————————–   SetIndexLabel(0,”UpTrend”);   SetIndexLabel(1,”DownTrend”);//——————————————————————————–   SetIndexDrawBegin(0,SlowPeriod);   SetIndexDrawBegin(1,SlowPeriod);//——————————————————————————–   return(INIT_SUCCEEDED);//——————————————————————————–  }//==============//int OnCalculate(const int rates_total,                const int prev_calculated,                const datetime &time[],                const double &open[],                const double &high[],                const double &low[],                const double &close[],                const long &tick_volume[],                const long &volume[],                const int &spread[])  {//——————————————————————————–   int IndicatorShift=0;   int IndicatorTrend=0;   double IndicatorValue=0;   double AvrgValue=0;//——————————————————————————–   for(IndicatorShift=Bars-SlowPeriod-1; IndicatorShift>=0; IndicatorShift–)     {      AvrgValue=iMACD(NULL,0,FastPeriod,BarsForAveragePrice,SignalPeriod,AppliedPrice,MODE_MAIN,IndicatorShift);      IndicatorValue=iMACD(NULL,0,FastPeriod,SlowPeriod,SignalPeriod,AppliedPrice,MODE_MAIN,IndicatorShift);      //—      if(IndicatorValue>AvrgValue+((AvrgValue*PercentageLevelDn)/100))         IndicatorTrend=-1;      if(IndicatorValue<AvrgValue-((AvrgValue*PercentageLevelUp)/100))         IndicatorTrend=1;      //—      if(IndicatorTrend>0)        {         if(IndicatorValue>AvrgValue-((AvrgValue*PercentageLevelUp)/100)/2)            UpBuffer[IndicatorShift]=1.0;         else            UpBuffer[IndicatorShift]=1.0;         DnBuffer[IndicatorShift]=0;        }      //—      if(IndicatorTrend<0)        {         if(IndicatorValue<AvrgValue+((AvrgValue*PercentageLevelDn)/100)/2)            DnBuffer[IndicatorShift]=1.0;         else            DnBuffer[IndicatorShift]=1.0;         UpBuffer[IndicatorShift]=0;        }     }//———————————————————————————–   return(rates_total);//———————————————————————————–  }//===============//Read More →

1.0 01 RSI Divergence draws the RSI indicator line in a separate window and displays found divergences in the indicator window and on the price chart. It has six input parameters: Period – calculation period Applied price Overbought – overbought level Oversold – oversold level Bullish color – color of bullish signal arrows andRead More →

0.0 00 The MQL5 Wizard allows creating ready-made Expert Advisors based on the Standard library classes delivered together with the client terminal (see Creating Ready-Made Expert Advisors in MQL5 Wizard for the details). It allows to check your trade ideas quickly, all you need is to create your own trading signals class. The structure of thisRead More →

5.0 01 Oscillating indicator Multi timeframes Stochastic RSI is the multi-timeframe Stochastic RSI. The indicator displays the data of three indicators Stochastic RSI from different timeframes on the current chart. It has ten input parameters: Stochastic %K period – stochastic %K line calculation period Stochastic %D period – stochastic %D line calculation period Stochastic slowing –Read More →

5.0 02 Our pivot point is at 98.3. Our preference:the upside prevails as long as 98.3 is support. Alternative scenario:the downside breakout of 98.3 would call for 96.4 and 95.3. Comment:the RSI is above its neutrality area at 50. The MACD is positive and above its signal line. The configurationRead More →

0.0 00 Our preference:short positions below 1.3215 with targets at 1.2770 & 1.2615 in extension. Alternative scenario:above 1.3215 look for further upside with 1.3350 & 1.3450 as targets. Comment:the RSI shows downside momentum. Our key levels: Pivot Last 1.3215 1.2941 Resistances Supports 1.34501.33501.3215 1.27701.26151.2465 Cảnh báo về Rủi ro: TấtRead More →

0.0 00 Pivot: 0.7205 Our preference:short positions below 0.7205 with targets at 0.7000 & 0.6830 in extension. Alternative scenario:above 0.7205 look for further upside with 0.7285 & 0.7390 as targets. Comment:the RSI shows downside momentum. Our key levels: Pivot Last 0.7205 0.7031 Resistances Supports 0.73900.72850.7205 0.70000.68300.6740 Cảnh báo về RủiRead More →

0.0 00 Pivot: 1.1380 Our preference:short positions below 1.1380 with targets at 1.1000 & 1.0870 in extension. Alternative scenario:above 1.1380 look for further upside with 1.1450 & 1.1550 as targets. Comment:the RSI is bearish and calls for further downside. Our key levels: Pivot Last 1.1380 1.1153 Resistances Supports 1.15501.14501.1380 1.10001.08701.0730Read More →

0.0 00 Pivot: 26060 Our preference:long positions above 26060 with targets at 26920 & 27455 in extension. Alternative scenario:below 26060 look for further downside with 25710 & 25275 as targets. Comment:the RSI is bullish and calls for further upside. Prices validated a symmetrical triangle: a bullish continuation pattern calling forRead More →

5.0 01 Pivot: 2875.00 Our preference:long positions above 2875.00 with targets at 2940.00 & 3000.00 in extension. Alternative scenario:below 2875.00 look for further downside with 2785.00 & 2725.00 as targets. Comment:the RSI is bullish and calls for further upside. The SPX remains in an up-trend supported by the 20-day movingRead More →